Endless Possibilities With a Ductless Fume Hood

Mystaire ductless fume hoods employ the latest filter construction and fume hood monitoring technology. They require no ductwork, which means lower initial cost and lifetime energy savings because tempered room air is not ducted to the outside as it is with ducted fume hoods.

Examples of Fume Hood Applications

Pharmaceutical Weighing of particulate and bulk preparation
Cleanrooms Solvent or acid cleaning of glassware
Animal Surgery Removal of anesthetics
Healthcare Endoscope sterilization, dissections, staining and coverslipping, DNA extraction
Electronic Manufacturing Cleaning of PC boards, Soldering fumes
K-12 General lab experiments
Cosmetics Weighing and mixing
Industrial Mixing toxic cocktails
Museums Painting restoration, Textile and ceramic repair, gold and silver gilding
College and University General lab experiments

No duct connection makes ductless fume hoods ideal where mobility or shared use is required. They are also ideal for temporary applications or situations where installing the duct system required for a ducted fume hood is either cost-prohibitive or structurally unfeasible.

Ductless fume hoods protect from fumes, odors, and particulates. Mystaire Aura Elite and Isola ductless fume hoods exceed the requirements of OSHA, ANSI/ASSP Z9.5, and ASHRAE performance standards.

Features of our Ductless Hoods

Filtration Technology sets Mystaire ductless fume hoods apart from the competition. Filtration is matched with the customer application to ensure effective capture of potentially volatile chemicals or powders. Carbon filters are produced with the highest quality activated carbon. Each Mystaire carbon filter has been laboratory tested and confirmed for operation in the Aura Elite or Isola ductless fume hoods.

Another key feature of Mystaire and its products is the advanced monitoring systems employed on both Aura Elite and Isola hoods. Both hoods feature an LCD that displays face velocity, which is automatically adjusted as the environment of the ductless hood changes to ensure constant airflow and protection for the end user. Mystaire utilizes sophisticated sensors to determine chemical breakthroughs based on the type of solvents used within the hood. Visual and audible alarms alert the operator if the airflow is at an unsafe level or if the filters are approaching saturation, allowing sufficient time to replace them.

To learn more about Mystaire and our full line of ductless fume hoods, contact our technical sales specialists at 919-229-8511 or email sales@mystaire.com.