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Mystaire, since 1959, has been engineering and manufacturing ductless fume hoods, filtered workstations and enclosures to meet a range of applications found in typical laboratory experiments around the world. Mystaire’s products are produced from the highest-grade materials. They are fabricated and assembled by American craftsmen. Each product undergoes industry leading quality control steps prior to delivery to a customer. With over 60 years of experience and our in-house laboratory we continue to innovate and explore new and better ways to capture chemical fumes and vapors through gas phase carbon filtration.

Aura Elite

Aura® Elite Ductless Fume Hood

Constant Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity

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LabPartner Workstation

LabPartner™ Ductless Workstation

Versatile and Portable Containment

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Downflow Workstation

Downflow Workstation

For use in histology and pathology

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Isola VUE

Isola® VUE Filtered Workstation

360-degree visibility for experiment observation

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Isola EDGE

Isola® EDGE Filtered Workstation

The look and feel of a traditional hood -only with filtration

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Isola PRO

Isola® PRO Filtered Workstation

Chemical-resistant construction with superior filtration

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