Enhancing Lab Safety and Efficiency with Mystaire’s Ductless Fume Hoods

In laboratories worldwide, fume hoods are indispensable for safeguarding personnel by effectively removing dangerous fumes, vapors, and particles. Nevertheless, the operational expenses and environmental footprint of these critical safety devices are becoming increasingly crucial factors. Mystaire ductless fume hoods offer superior energy efficiency, cost- effectiveness, and environmental advantages over conventional total exhaust fume hoods.

Exploring Total Exhaust Fume Hoods

Total exhaust fume hoods are a common fixture in labs, shielding workers from hazardous substances. However, these systems are notably energy-intensive, continuously expelling conditioned air and demanding significant power to function. Even with alternatives like VAV (variable air volume) fume hoods, venturi valves, and low-flow, high-performance fume hoods, the issue of exhausting valuable conditioned air remains.

The Benefits of Ductless Fume Hoods

Mystaire’s ductless fume hoods present a more sustainable and economical option. They boast up to 25 times greater energy efficiency compared to their total exhaust counterparts, primarily by recirculating filtered air within the lab, thereby reducing the need for HVAC systems. This leads to significant savings in energy consumption and maintenance costs. Moreover, the installation of ductless fume hoods is simple, as they do not require the extensive infrastructure of traditional total exhaust hoods. They also provide unmatched flexibility in lab layout, allowing for easy relocation as needs evolve.

Environmental Considerations

The lower energy usage of Mystaire’s ductless fume hoods not only cuts down operational costs but also lowers the environmental impact of lab operations. By using less electricity, these hoods contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, supporting sustainability objectives. In an age where environmental stewardship is ever more important, adopting energy-efficient technologies like eco-friendly ductless fume hoods is a step towards bolstering sustainable lab practices and fulfilling green lab goals.

Total Exhaust or Ductless? A Comparison

A comparison between the Mystaire 72” Isola Vue ductless fume hood and a standard 6’ total exhaust fume hood demonstrates the cost-efficiency of the ductless alternative. Utilizing the Berkeley National Laboratory Fume Hood Calculator and assuming a location in Washington, DC, the Isola 72” has an annual energy consumption of 495 kWh and a total annual electrical cost of $494.43, while the total exhaust hood and associated HVAC consumes 104,213 kWh and costs $12,786.98 annually. Ductless fume hoods require filter replacement annually or biannually, depending on the application. For an Isola 72” equipped with generic carbon filters, the annual filter cost would be $2,100. The annual cost of operating the ductless fume hood (electricity and filters) is up to 6 times less expensive, showcasing the substantial savings possible with ductless technology.

Transitioning to Ductless Fume Hoods

For labs aiming to lower costs and environmental impact, Mystaire’s ductless fume hoods are an effective solution. It’s crucial to evaluate your lab’s specific requirements and consult with our product specialists to confirm that a ductless fume hood aligns with your applications.

Ductless fume hoods offer a chance for both new and established laboratories to boost safety while achieving cost savings and environmental benefits. By opting for this technology, laboratory managers and purchasers can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future for their facilities. Reach out to a Mystaire representative today to learn how our ductless products can make a difference in your lab. We are available by phone at (919) 229-8511 or email at sales@mystaire.com. The full product line can be found online and our staff can help find the best enclosure for your needs with a free application assessment.