Mystaire UV Light Box

Shortwave UV light for surface disinfection

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UV Light Box
UV Light Box
UV Light Box
UV Light Box

The Mystaire® line of UV light dead air boxes are designed to provide powerful UV irradiation energy to effectively kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of various objects. The UV Box is designed with a microprocessor controller that constantly monitors the operation of the UV bulbs. The microprocessor controller has a digital UV timer that permits the end user to set the irradiation time up 59 minutes. Each UV box is equipped with a door position switch that turns off the UV light if the door of the box is opened. The door position switch, in combination with the microprocessor controller, only allows for the UV lights to be turned on when the door is in the closed position.

The UV Box’s main chamber is constructed of thermally fused polypropylene and the clear door is polycarbonate. The polycarbonate door has the natural ability to reflect UV light and does not allow transmission of the UV energy, thus making it the safest choice for a clear viewing material.


  • Seamless polypropylene design for easy decontamination between amplifications
  • Clear polycarbonate sash with overlap and safety position switch
  • 0-59 minute UV Light Timer
  • High intensity shortwave UV light
  • Microprocessor controller that constantly monitors operation of the UV bulbs
  • Light weight and portable design

Service Packages

Voltage Options


Multiple Widths Available

Catalog Number Description
MY-DB24C 24" inch lightbox
MY-DB42C 42" inch lightbox