What Sets Mystaire's Advanced Fuming Chambers Apart From The Crowd?

What Sets Mystaire's Advanced Fuming Chambers Apart From The Crowd?

Not all Fuming Chambers are created equal. Read more to find out how Mystaire is the only company that checks all the boxes. 

1. Construction Material 

Construction materials play a big part in the longevity of your chamber. Our Advanced CA Fuming chambers are constructed from powder-coated aluminum because they constantly have water/humidity and cyanoacrylate fumes in them. Some benefits of this coating are that it’s anti-corrosive and anti-weathering. The powder-coated aluminum will also provide her chamber with extra strength and durability, protecting it from any dents. 

2. Buy Directly 

Buying your products directly from Mystaire cuts out the middle man and the hassle! When you contact Mystaire with questions, you will be working directly with a member of our team. They can assist you with ordering replacement parts, schedule onsite services, and give you the latest company updates.  We’re happy to help, whether it’s through a phone call, email, or a chat box on our website. We’re here for you!

3. External Humidifier 

Mystaire is unique in the fact that we are one of the few companies where our fuming chambers contain an external humidifier.

Some benefits of an external humidifier include… 

  1. Adding water is simple
  2. Easy to replace
  3. The humidifier doesn’t take up much space when loading the equipment
4. Filtration Monitoring 

Our patented recirculation filtration system contains precise process controls for time, temperature, and humidity, putting Mystaire CA chambers in a class of their own. Another bonus of our filtration monitoring is that the microprocessor is simple to use. The evidence technician can set fume cycle time and relative humidity levels between 50-80%. 

5. Walk-in Chamber 

Unfortunately, you can’t choose what evidence you need to fume, but with Mystaire, you can choose where to fume it. Do you constantly have a various array of different-size evidence that you need to safely fume? Are you in need of a walk-in chamber for larger pieces of evidence?

We have you covered! We offer small, medium, to large chambers based on your needs. Our sizes include the CA-3000 (30” X 40”), CA-6000 (30” X40”), and CA-9000 (70” high). Each size comes in 110 V or 220 Voltage options, depending on your company’s requirements. 

6. Carbon Cycles and Weight Cycles per Carbon Filter 

Our carbon filters last 500 cycles before needing to be replaced. They weigh 35 lbs compared to the industry average of 16-26 lbs. The larger the filter, the more cyanoacrylate it can contain.

Proper filtration is critical to ensure operator safety. Mystaire filters are manufactured to the strictest quality standards at our Creedmoor, North Carolina facility. It’s our job to help you protect both the operator and the evidence. 

7. Recirculatory Filtration 

Most companies use single-pass systems, which will release fumes back into the lab once the filter is saturated.  Our chambers use our patented Recirculatory Filtration, which scrubs the air clean of fumes and does not release air back into the lab. Safety for the operator is our number one priority

To learn more about our fuming chambers or other products, visit us at https://www.mystaire.com/. Have a specific question? Fill out our contact form, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly!