Forensic Focus Fridays

Helping you solve crimes and prove innocence is a big part of why we do what we do at Mystaire; we want to give you the tools you need to ensure justice can be carried out in every case. With so many options available on the market, it can be a bit confusing to figure out exactly what you need and how to get high-quality tools that will stand the test of time without breaking the bank.

Since sifting through all the options on the market can be a difficult task, Mystaire is now offering Forensic Focus Fridays, monthly presentations on our products that are free for anyone to join from anywhere.

Typically, when shopping around for new forensic equipment, you would wait for the next tradeshow and see all the options available with your own eyes and get live demonstrations. Last year, however, COVID-19 threw us all a curveball. Tradeshows were cancelled and it became harder for you to see our products in action. Even worse, since there were no tradeshows, there was no tradeshow swag!

Unfortunately, the pandemic did not make crime go away; in some cities, in fact, it did just the opposite. You still have crimes to solve and innocence to prove and to do that, you will need the best tools available to get the job done.

Enter Forensic Focus Fridays. These events allow us to provide those of you in the forensic industry with a live and fully interactive presentation and demonstration of a featured product without having to wait for the next tradeshow. During these live presentations, attendees are free to ask questions and interact with our sales team in real time via live chat.

These presentations are the next best thing to a tradeshow. You can ask as many questions as you have about our products from the comfort and safety of your own device for absolutely free. Not just that, but you even get to enjoy some of the fun swag you would normally get at a tradeshow at no cost to you, Mystaire will even cover shipping. Just sign up and we’ll send you a sweet pair of cozy Mystaire MY59 socks to slip into while you watch the presentation and get your questions answered.

So far, our Forensic Focus Fridays have covered SecureDry Evidence Drying Cabinets, our Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber, and our Latitude Fentanyl Filtered Hood. In May, we are going to talk about our LabPartner Ductless Workstation and would love to meet you then and give you a demonstration of the workstation.

To be a part of Mystaire’s next Forensic Focus Friday, just fill out our RSVP form and we’ll send you an invite to the presentation. Of course, we’ll also send you your Mystaire MY59 socks just for signing up. We look forward to meeting with you virtually and sharing our newest product innovations to help you get to work and make justice happen.

If you’re still itching to see our products in action with your own two eyes, feel free to visit us at our upcoming tradeshows. We will have some of our latest products on display at the FBINAA National Annual Training Conference which will take place in Orlando, Florida, from July 7-10, 2021. We will also be attending the Annual IAI International Forensic Educational Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, from August 1-7, 2021. We hope to see you soon!